When should I receive my order?

FruitStand doesn't sell frozen or prepackaged fruit.  Everything we promote is picked right off the tree, vine or bush during the stated harvest period, checked for quality and safety, protected with Apeel, packed with love and sent right to your door.  

We're hoping that you understand how amazing it is to be able to receive something directly from the farmers growing the fruit, but this does come at a small cost - time.  Picking the fruit, cleaning it, protecting it, packaging it, even getting it through the beautiful hills and countryside to the closest post office all take time.  It's the only way we can ensure what we offer you is fresh and wonderful.

From a timing perspective, this could mean it may take up to two weeks before you receive your order.  It usually comes much sooner, but every step takes a day or two to do right, plus shipping is a 3-5 day process outside of our control.

Thank you for understanding, your patience, and for joining us on our wonderful experiences.

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