What if I have a food allergy?

Apeel products are not protein-based but rather lipid-based - and lipids are not a source of regulated allergens. They are committed to the purity of their products and their manufacturing process is designed to ensure compliance with the highest safety standards mandated by food safety regulatory authorities wherever Apeel produce is sold. For Apeel, this includes testing to confirm the absence of regulated allergens. For a complete list of regulated allergens, please find additional information onĀ FDA Food Allergies. Apeel is not produced from nor do our products contain sources of regulated allergens, including soy. A variety of plant feedstocks may be used to create formulations, and the feedstock source can vary with seasonality, overall availability, among other criteria. Regardless of feedstock source, the derived ingredients remain the same and they are committed to ensuring the highest standards of purity for our products. Additionally, Apeel-treated produce is labeled on the package and/or in-store where possible so consumers can make informed purchase decisions. If you have a known allergy or sensitivity to a fruit or vegetable, you should continue to avoid it whether or not it is an Apeel fruit or vegetable.

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