About FruitStand

  • How are you different from other produce delivery services?

    FruitStand is different because we are a bridge between the small farmers and consumers. Other produce delivery services buy from farms, repackage and sell under their own brand. FruitStand is focused on redefining this paradigm and empowering small farms in this country so they get top dollar an...
  • How can I submit my farm to sell with FruitStand?

    We understand that many farms have never dealt with selling anything online, let alone shipping, and work with you to make both of these painless, easy and profitable. FruitStand puts the farmer first (read more about how we do that here), flipping the typical economicsĀ that most farmers experien...
  • What's your mission?

    To check out why we do what we do, read our mission: https://fruitstand.com/pages/about-fruitstand