About the harvests

  • Are you a CSA?

    We are not a CSA subscription box. We partner with small family farms across the country to provide limited harvests of exotic produce to our customers. This is not a monthly subscription and you will need to buy individually each time.
  • Are your packing materials recyclable?

    Yes, the brown boxes and crinkle paper you may receive your produce in are recyclable (and the crinkle makes an awesome fire starter).
  • Can I subscribe to receive produce monthly?

    Yes, you can join the FruitStand Membership Club! Each month, our foragers curate a new experience to be sent directly from the grower within days of harvest.  But this is much more than a “unique fruit of the month club.”  We also send out journalists and photographers, on your behalf, to get t...
  • Current harvest shipping updates and delays

    Where is my produce? FruitStand partners with farms across the country to provide limited harvests of unique produce direct from the farm into your hands. Due to the nature of fresh produce, weather and other elements may mean that produce is not yet ready at the initially estimated time. We wi...
  • Do you have a schedule of future harvests?

    We pay attention to when nature wants to provide the best fruit.  We continually work with small farms and watch their harvests to determine where FruitStand should go next. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter for the most up to date schedule of future harvests.
  • How can I get notified when new produce is available?

    The best way to find out quickly when new produce drops is to join the FruitStand Community on Facebook and follow the FruitStand Instagram. In addition to learning about new harvests, you will also get access to discounts, recipes and other adventurous foodie surprises. You can also subscribe to...
  • How do you decide which fruit to offer?

    Did you know that most Americans only eat 14 different varietals of fruit!? When you eat an avocado, it's probably a Haas avocado.  When you eat a banana, it's probably Cavendish. But what about Reed avocados?  Or the Mona Lisa, Ice Cream and Goldfinger banana? Crazy right? We want your experie...
  • I lost my recipe card. Can I have a new one?

    No need for a new card!  You can find all the recipes we include with each harvest online 24/7 right here:https://fruitstand.com/recipes
  • I received a card in my box. Can I recycle it?

    Yes, the card or insert that you receive in your box, containing recipes or other helpful information about the produce, is made of paper and not coated with plastic. Glossy paper is accepted in all local recycling programs. Please check with your city's recycling program for more information. ...
  • Is this organic?

    Each of our harvests are different.   Some come from organic farms where others do not.   Visit the harvest page for details on the farm itself.
  • My grocery store has the same stuff you carry, why should I get it from FruitStand?

    Did you know that only 12 cents of every dollar spent on produce at the grocery store makes it back to the farm? At FruitStand, we are able to increase that amount to 48 cents, which means that farmers can continue to grow high quality produce which leads to a much more sustainable food system. ...
  • Where can I find more recipes?

    All of our recipes can be viewed on the site here.
  • Why does my fruit not look like what is in the grocery store?

    We partner with small, family farms and choose produce based on flavor and taste. Smaller fruit typically has less water in it. But, it will have the same amount of sugar as larger fruit you may see in a store! This makes for a much richer taste. We pride ourselves on offering you produce with t...
  • Why don’t you have more fruit?

    We're more focused on quality and freshness than quantity. We want your experience at FruitStand to be different from going to the grocery store or even the local farmer's market. We partner with small farms in the US that are growing interesting and exotic produce that is often hard to find in ...
  • Why is your produce only available for a limited amount of time?

    We work with small farms during peak harvest time only. All of our fruit is guaranteed fresh and ripe. So when the season’s over, that’s it.  If you missed out on a harvest or are looking for a fruit we aren't currently offering, please send us an email to support@fruitstand.com.