How do you decide which fruit to offer?

Did you know that most Americans only eat 14 different varietals of fruit!?

When you eat an avocado, it's probably a Haas avocado.  When you eat a banana, it's probably Cavendish. But what about Reed avocados?  Or the Mona Lisa, Ice Cream and Goldfinger banana? Crazy right?

We want your experience at FruitStand to be different from going to the grocery store or even the local farmer's market. We partner with small farms in the US that are growing interesting and exotic produce that is often hard to find in your local store.

We also work with small farms that are protecting their produce with Apeel’s plant-derived solution for longer shelf life. Some of the Apeel produce may seem normal, but it is anything but. This produce lasts up to 2X longer than what's typically in your grocery store!

We ONLY feature in-season produce, working WITH nature and not against it.  This means that if something isn't in season, we won't promote it.

Want to learn more about exotic fruit varieties? Check out our Experiences.

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