Caviar Limes: How to eat

Slicing a caviar lime

Here are some of the easiest, most common ways of how to slice a caviar lime:

Cut the caviar lime in half at the width. Then, from the bottom of each half, gently squeeze the tiny bubbles of citrusy juice into a small bowl.
Slice the caviar lime in half longways. Using a small spoon, scoop the juice vesicles out of the rind and into a bowl (or over just about anything you’re currently eating).
For round garnishes of caviar lime, slice into ¼ inch slices along the width of the fruit.

Zesting a caviar lime

If you want to use the herbaceously bitter, and citrusy flavor of caviar lime peel in your recipes, carefully zest the peel using a fine microplane before cutting it open. Each caviar lime yields about ¼ teaspoon (a tiny amount) of zest.

Eating a caviar lime

The caviar lime is well loved for the crunchy explosion of citrusy juice you experience when you eat it. That makes caviar lime best as an ingredient in recipes where it can shine in its raw form. Do not eat the skin of a caviar lime.  The skin does not taste good (it's citrus, after all) and some individuals may have a citrus skin allergy. If you do plan to ingest the skin, please consult your doctor first.

Here are just a few ways you can use caviar lime in cooked dishes:

  • Dessert creams: when your dessert needs a ray of citrusy sunshine, fold the caviar lime pearls into whipped cream, light frostings and pastry cream.
  • Ceviche: In ceviche recipes, the acid of the flavorful liquid “cooks” fish and seafood. Because the juice is released when you bite into the pearls, caviar lime is an excellent addition to ceviche for flavor and texture.
  • Finishing touches: The unique citrus flavor of caviar lime is excellent over barbecued oysters, grilled chicken and delicately seared seafood (hello scallop, lobster, shrimp and fish recipes!).

Drinking a caviar lime

This is no ordinary lime. Good news for refreshing drink fans, caviar lime is perfect for beverage recipes of all kinds, including cocktails and kid-friendly spritzers.

Here are some easy ways get the explosion of caviar lime flavor into your drinks:

  • Cocktails: Pearls of caviar lime add a touch of whimsy and a ton of flavor to delicate cocktails. Caviar lime is a mixologists dream, adding texture and bitter freshness to countless cocktail recipes.
  • Juices: You won’t have to run the citrusy caviar through the juicer. Simply squeeze a whole or half caviar lime’s pulp into your glass of fresh juice. Caviar lime tends to play well with other produce like cucumber, strawberry, watermelon, ginger, and mango.
  • Water: Unleash a few caviar limes into your water bottle for a delightful thirst quencher throughout the day.

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Dec 1, 2020