Cherimoya: How to eat

Slicing cherimoya

The first time you see one of these dragon egg-looking fruits you may wonder just how to eat a cherimoya. The cherimoya peel has a lot of texture but is surprisingly easy to cut with a sharp knife. Here is the easiest, most common way to to slice a cherimoya:

  • Slice the cherimoya in half longways. Then, carefully scoop out the flesh with a spoon to separate from the skin of the fruit. Be sure to discard all of the seeds as they are inedible and toxic.
  • Quarter the cherimoya by first slicing it in half longways. Then, slice each half in half longways again.

Eating cherimoya

Once you’ve prepared cherimoya and somehow managed to hold back from devouring it, here are some great ways to add cooked cherimoya into more recipes.

  • Baking: Cherimoya can be baked into cakes, pies, custards, cookies and creams.
  • Blended drink recipes: If you’re wondering what to do with ripe cherimoya, smoothies are a fantastic option. This is a fruit you should enjoy as close to cutting open as possible. Whether you have leftover cherimoya or want to use a whole cherimoya in smoothies, we recommend freezing it for best use.
  • Savory recipes: This tropical fruit plays perfectly with seafood recipes. Just try this cherimoya with chile lime shrimp recipe on the FruitStand blog!
Sep 16, 2020