How to tell if your produce is ripe

  • Apeel Organic Apples: Are they ripe?

    Your apples are picked at the peak of ripeness, straight from the farm. When they arrive, they are ready to eat and enjoy. Here's a trick: To see if it is ready to eat, hold the apple in your hand, lift it towards the stem, and twist. If the stem comes off easily, it's ready. If it requires a g...
  • Black Sapote: Are they ripe?

    When your fruit arrives, they will be shiny, green and lightweight. They are not ready to eat and need to ripen on the counter in room temperature for about  7 days. As they ripen, their color deepens and their skin becomes even more tender. Once the fruit is soft and wrinkly, maybe even lookin...
  • Caviar Limes: Are they ripe?

    Good Land Organics, the grower of these caviar limes, is a CCOF Certified Organic farm.  As such, these caviar limes are grown organically by Good Land. Learn more about Good Land Organics farm here: My limes are black! Your caviar limes arr...
  • Cherimoya: Are they ripe?

    A cherimoya is ready to eat and enjoy within 1-2 days of receiving them, as they ripen quickly (think of how fast avocados and bananas ripen on the counter). A cherimoya is ripe when it is browning on the outside and is soft to the touch. Browning will happen naturally as the fruit ripens. Please...
  • Dragon Fruit: Are they ripe?

    To tell if your dragon fruit is ripe, it will have a smooth, bright pinkish-red peel with green spikes and few to no blemishes. The ripe fruit will feel heavy for its size in your hand, and yield slightly when you give it a gentle squeeze.
  • Garlic scapes: Are they ripe?

    Garlic scapes are harvested and ready to eat immediately. Enjoy!
  • Longan: Are they ripe?

    Longans start green and ripen to beige-yellow or brown color. When all the green is gone from fruit, test to make sure the outer shell is dry and brittle. If so, they're ripe and ready to eat!
  • Lychee: Are they ripe?

    Lychees are harvested when ripe. So if you’re holding one, it’s ready to eat! For more about lychee, click here for our FAQs.
  • Passion Fruit: Are they ripe?

    Wrinkles are good! Your passion fruit will arrive ripe. It gets wrinkly when ripe, and that’s when passion fruit are the most juicy and delicious! Just don’t let them go too far; you don’t want to confuse your passion fruit for a big ol’ raisin. At that point, overly-wrinkled passion fruits are ...
  • Turmeric: Is it ripe?

    Yes, your turmeric is ripe and ready to eat the moment it arrives to you! To learn more about turmeric, including how to eat it, visit our Turmeric FAQs.
  • White Kaua'i pineapple: Is it ripe?

    This pineapple is picked at its peak, so you can eat it immediately upon arrival. A ripe white Kaua'i pineapple will have a green rind with yellowing inside of the 'eyes'. It should not be dark forest green nor all yellow or gold, and should not have purple on any side. As the color turns to all ...