Caviar Limes: Are they ripe?

Good Land Organics, the grower of these caviar limes, is a CCOF Certified Organic farm.  As such, these caviar limes are grown organically by Good Land. Learn more about Good Land Organics farm here:

My limes are black!

Your caviar limes arrived and look like they have mold on the outside.

The black variety may have natural, ashy white spots on their skin. This is actually not mold, but rather, just an element of this color of lime.

Please slice into the lime, give it a squeeze and let the citrus pearls fall out. Eat those pearls, do not eat the skin (just as you wouldn't eat the skin on any other citrus fruit), and enjoy!

Learn more about caviar limes here.

They are different colors!

Caviar limes come in a rainbow of colors - from shades of green or pink including pale lime-green, pale pink, deep purple, coral, black and scarlet. We handpick the limes and ship the colors that we have available at the peak of ripeness. If your limes are all black, it's not a cause for concern. They are still good to eat!

They are warm!

Caviar limes have a thick citrus skin that protects the inside.

We don't ship caviar limes with an ice pack because there is no need to - even in hot summer months- in terms of a perishability impact.

If your caviar limes arrive warm, put them in the fridge as quickly as you can to cool. They will be fine to eat and enjoy afterward.

Oct 14, 2020