About your order

  • About your order confirmation

    About your order confirmation After you place your order on FruitStand, you'll receive an email order confirmation to the email address you entered on your order. The order confirmation will contain: Product you ordered Your order number Harvesting dates How much you paid Shipping address Bill...
  • Are there limitations where you can ship produce?

    While we'd love to ship everything to everywhere, we must follow all state laws regarding produce regulations. FruitStand does not ship to any US Territories. If we cannot ship a specific produce to your state, it will be listed on the Experiences page under Shipping & Delivery. Caviar Lime...
  • Can I order this as a gift?

    Yes, that's so generous of you! When you click on the shopping basket icon in the top right of the page you will be met with a dropdown that shows you everything in your cart. Scroll down the page and choose the option to Add A Gift Note. Don't worry, this is totally free. At this point, becaus...
  • Can I speak to a human?

    Hi! Humans here :) Our customer service team is email only and you're welcome to leave us a message via our website, this article or by sending to us directly, support@fruitstand.com. We'll get a reply to you within 1 business day.
  • Do you accept food stamps?

    We do not accept food stamps for payment at this time.
  • Do you offer wholesale discounts?

    We do not offer wholesale discounts at this time. If you are interested in discussing a potential discount, please let us know what you are in search of by sending an email to support@fruitstand.com.
  • Do you ship to PO Boxes?

    No, FruitStand does not ship to PO Boxes. Please make sure to enter a physical mailing address on your order to ensure delivery.
  • Do you ship to US Territories?

    FruitStand does not ship to any US Territories.
  • How do I cancel an order?

    To cancel an order, send an email to support@fruitstand.com with the reason for cancellation.Unshipped orders can be cancelled as long as the request is made 72 hours prior to your harvest date for a full refund. ** Please note: **Orders that are within 72 hours of shipping or have ...
  • How do I correct my shipping address?

    Typos happen!To correct a shipping address on an unshipped order, please reach out to our customer support (support@fruitstand.com) with the following: Your name Your order number The corrected address If your order has already shipped, we may not be able to make changes. Our customer support te...
  • How do I get a refund?

    We wanted to start off by saying thank you for shopping at FruitStand.  Every single item on this site comes directly from a small-scale farmer or other small food artisans, often mom and pop, that most people never knew existed.  We truly hope you discovered something wonderful. With that said,...
  • How do I order more than one box?

    Bring on more GOODNESS! Changing the quantity of your order couldn't be easier. All you have to do is click the shopping basket at the top right corner of the webpage. This will reveal everything in your cart. Simply use the options right below the name of the product to adjust the quantity of i...
  • I can't enter my discount code

    Let's get you that discount!If you're on a mobile device, chances are, you don't see the discount code.But alas, it's under the "Order Summary" section at the top:Click the cart icon with the ^ symbol to display the Order Summary and enter your discount code. 
  • I didn't get an email from you

    Let's make sure you get our emails! Order confirmations and marketing emails will come from our domain, @fruitstand.com. In some cases, they will go to your Spam folder. If you placed an order and did not receive an order confirmation, please check your Spam folder to see if it's there. If not...
  • I don't want to pay with Shopify. Can I pay with a different card?

    Sure! If you entered your email at payment and then received a Shopify text code, but do not want to pay with Shopify, ignore the text. Proceed to the payment section and enter your credit card or use PayPal further down on the page to continue with your order.
  • I forgot to apply my discount code. How can I adjust my order?

    Forgot to apply that discount? All good!Please reach out to our customer support team by sending an email to support@fruitstand.com with your name, order number and discount code to apply the discount to your order.
  • I’m getting an error when I place my order online. How do I fix this?

    That's definitely not cool! Let's get this fixed. Please click the contact us link below, making sure to include the following helpful details: What error or bug do you get? What browser are you on? Are you on a mobile or desktop device? What are you ordering? Screenshots are welcome.
  • I ordered one box but I actually want two. If I place a second order, can they be combined?

    The more harvest boxes, the merrier! Boxes are shipped individually. If you place an order for one box now, place your second order and it will be shipped out separately to you within close proximity of your initial order.
  • I received a suspicious text about paying a fee on my shipment

    Did you receive a text messages indicating that a USPS delivery is awaiting your action, such as to pay a fee, with a strange web link to click in the body of the message? Don’t click the link! This type of campaign is a scam recognized as smishing. FruitStand ships via FedEx only. We will nev...
  • My box was damaged. How do I replace?

    If your order arrives damaged, broken or missing parts, or if the item itself appears to be rotten/moldy, or unsafe to eat or use, please contact us at support@fruitstand.com within seven (7) days of receiving your product with a photo or video of what you received and your order number and we'll...
  • My fruit is rotten. How do I get a new box?

    Gross! We're sorry about that. If you suspect the produce has gone bad, **please take a picture of how it was received** then throw it in the trash immediately. Do not consume rotten produce. We can offer a refund for your box with our 7 day satisfaction guarantee. To r...
  • My order says delivered but it's not here yet

    Talk about a let down!But - keep your head high, my friend. The delivery email might arrive to your Inbox a few hours before the order actually arrives on your doorstep. If you do not receive your box by the end of the day, reach out to our customer support for help.
  • My tracking says "Pending" or "Failed"

    If you are expecting a package from us and upon checking your FedEx tracking, come to find that it says "Pending" or "Failed", please understand that there is prolonged severe weather across the U.S. causing delays including the ability to pick up and deliver in certain cities. To learn more abo...
  • Order stuck in transit

    We're noticing that FedEx is not scanning boxes as frequently as they normally do. Some boxes will appear to be stuck in a single location for multiple days and then suddenly deliver to you on time and others may not show any movement in-transit until the order is delivered. This is confusing and...
  • What taxes do you charge?

    If taxes apply, they will be determined by state and calculated at checkout. You will be able to see any applied taxes prior to purchasing.
  • What will I see on my credit card statement?

    When making a payment with FruitStand, you will see the following on your credit card statement:SP * FRUITSTAND COM
  • When should I receive my order?

    The harvest window for different fruits can shift at a moment’s notice for any number of reasons: unpredictable weather, changes in atmospheric patterns, availability of farm staff members and more. Once the produce is ready to be harvested by the grower, we'll send you a shipping confirmation e...
  • Where will my refund go?

    A refund will be sent to the original payment method of which you made your order. If you no longer have access to that payment method, then you will need to contact the bank or agency for the original payment method to claim the funds after the refund is sent.View our full refund policy be...