About your order confirmation

About your order confirmation

After you place your order on FruitStand, you'll receive an email order confirmation to the email address you entered on your order.

The order confirmation will contain:

  • Product you ordered
  • Your order number
  • Harvesting dates
  • How much you paid
  • Shipping address
  • Billing information

If you do not receive your order confirmation, it might be due to one of the following:

  • Typo in your email address
  • Spam filters

Yup, there is a typo in my email address

In the event you have a typo in your email, reach out to our customer support (support@fruitstand.com) with the corrected address and we'll get it updated plus resend your order confirmation to the new address.

Must have got caught in Spam

If our email is stuck in your spam filters, please whitelist fruitstand.com to your email client to ensure you get our emails. To learn how to whitelist, click here. Then, reach out to our customer support (support@fruitstand.com) and we'll happily resend the order confirmation your way.

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